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Hi and welcome to my little part of the internet. I am hoping to use this to learn HTML/CSS, and other coding, to make a website. I am going to do the website on some of my interests, starting with Ciphers ans animals.

I have renctly go intrested in ciphers, and other secret writing. I'm hoping that doing 'how to' guides on them wil hep me learn how to do them, and hopefully other people might find interesting and lear how to do some of them.

I have enojoyed learning about animals since I was a youngster. This lead to me studying animal management at uni, and about 10 years vounteering within the ainmal sector. While I haven't vounteered since 2020, I though I'd try learn more and keep some of my skills up-to-date.

I've only started this recently, so give me a week or two to learn more coding to get something on the diffent sections.